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Executive Summary

Our company operates beyond the shores of America & Australia, promoting the products to end users of various socio-economic status, interests, age and other determining factors for purchase.

At the moment, we have our base in America & Australia but our tentacles reach countries we have agents and suppliers in multiple countries, our target which has been since the inception of the company in 2016 is to become a global player in the industry. We have made our background check on the Trading & Distribution, Import & Export, eCommerce, Marketing & Programming industry, the importance of maintaining a good business cannot be overemphasised. The market to receive the product is unending, but they need more reach; that is exactly what we are offering, to utilize our reach and contact to boost the sales of the products.

We have outlined marketing strategies that we intend to use for the sales of any products, these strategies have been used and tested by our company for other brands & products, likewise by top players in the industries.

Executive Summary


Our vision is to become a global player in the Trading & Distribution, Import & Export, eCommerce, Marketing & Programming industry, moving beyond bothers and shores.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage in the sales and distribution of brands & products from manufacturers through diverse methods while giving our clients a convenient and easy way of purchasing. We will ensure that we maintain a clean sheet of integrity in order to promote indigenous products.

Core Purpose

We offer sales experience and support to brands products and companies to enable them to have a wider clientele reach.

Our core values

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Support
  • Productivity
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthy
  • Security
  • Affordability
  • Transparency


  • Our main objective is to use our sales experience to increase the notoriety of the products that we sell.
  • To expand our reach beyond the countries we are now, till we are present in every nation of the world.
  • To provide efficient and excellent customer care service.
  • To be part of the global drivers of the industry, rising in market shares to have a better foothold in the market.
  • To create a marketplace that protects the buyers and the sellers, making transactions faster and better.

Company Summary & Team

Matts global is a wholesale and distribution company based in America & Australia, we trade & distribute brands and products from manufacturers to local and international markets.

We have strong experience in the industry and we are currently doing wholesaling & distribution from America to Australia. Our key resources have been suppliers from the United States and manufacturers from China. Our major team members are actively growing the company, we have eight full time members who are engaged with the organization of the company from inventory management to selling online to Processing Customers, Orders And Services, And Four Website Developers & Marketers.

Matti Eduar

Chief Executive Officer

Neneth Redona


Christelle Padua

eCommerce Management

Charlene Padua

Customer Service

Jheng Montanez

Customer Service

Emma Louise


john fried

Website and Marketing

allen greene


david louis


Jonalyn Redona

Virtual Assistant

Rovee Padua

Virtual Assistant

Manish Kaushik

Marketing & Programming

Mahd Jafar

Website and Marketing

Our Online Presence

Our company operates an eCommerce marketplace which doubles as a retail, trading & distribution, Import & Export. Based in America & Australia, our platform has spread its tentacles across the borders reaching the rest of the world.

The rise of technological innovation which has resulted in better models and methods has also resulted in malpractice, fraudulent activities, insecurity and several risks. Our company is positioned to meditate between product distribution and the end users such that we do all the marketing, show of the product, trading and delivery protecting the interests of both parties.

Our company is in a bid to promote commercial activities of local products and brands on the internet.

Our Advantages

Our platform takes care of the marketing costs for every brand and product.

Our company is affiliated with suppliers and wholesalers in foreign companies which aids a flow for trading & distribution of demanded products.

We have maintained a high level of trust in the market which will pave way for brands & products that would sell through us.

Our System Is Transparent, Both The Sellers And Buyers Can Monitor The Transactions.

Unique Selling Proposition

We are a reseller, trading & distribution company who has been in operation for quite some time, we have built a strong connection and influence in the wholesale and distribution industry.

Operational Plan Trading & Distribution Strategy

We have links (suppliers and agents) in foreign companies who will handle the trading and distribution to ensure that consumers in other countries do not lose out of the great benefits the product offers.

The agents and suppliers in these countries are specialized in the sales of the products, we will work with demand of each country, and we guarantee a big success and a huge monthly revenue in supplying the products.

Contact and Location

Our address in Australia is at: 4 Sudholz Road, Windsor Gardens, SA 5087.

We operate from Australia and we have our reach across America, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Portugal, France, where we will have suppliers.

  • Australian Company Number (ACN): 614 672 436
  • Australian Business Number (ABN): 22 614 672 436
  • Phone: +61 403 005 364 8
  • Email: info@mattsglobal.com.au
  • Facebook: Matts Global
  • Instagram: MattsGlobal
  • Twitter: MattsGlobal
  • LinkedIn: Matts Global PTY LTD
  • Skype: Matts Global PTY LTD

Staffing and Training

Our members of staff are hired based on their skill set, attitude, and experience. We have a high demand for excellence and therefore, we hire only those that are able to do the job. We have set up a check to monitor every team member and ensure that every single person works in line with the mission and objectives of the company.

Our sales executives, PR, HR and customer care operators are sensitive persons, they have great ways of influencing operations, so we ensure that they go through regular routine training. A one-on-one meeting will be held to discuss and handle any arising issue regarding performance and service.

We will also have a routine training and development for everyone in the company to ensure we keep up with global trends. We will get acquainted with the development and maintain a good customer retention level with our increasing knowledge of our customers.

Customer Service

Customer service provided by our platform will be done through the user’s friendly interface on the platforms as well as through designated customer service agent. Our customer service and care also include telephone support, we will have highly trained and skilled telephone operators ready to provide solutions to any issue a client has on the platform.

Quality Control Measures

We have put in place measures to ensure that we are known for consistency in quality delivery. Amongst these measures, our marketing & programmers are charged with the responsibility of running routine checks on the platform’s security and firewall. Observations will be noted and fixed immediately, the noting is to ensure that such occurrence does not repeat itself. We have a well-trained team of customer care operators to engage our clients.

Merchants registered with us , their operations are subjected to our routine checks and audits. We will ensure that they do not destroy the company’s reputation by trading inferior and substandard products and services. To ensure this, we will have a feedback mechanism that will capture the consumers’ preference and perception.

SWOT Analysis Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Our team possesses a strong and massive technical experience.
  • We have a web platform which means we are accessible to everyone on the planet, we are not limited by physical location.
  • We provide a high-quality service and support to our clients by ensuring that our website is being maintained and upgraded regularly with features that make it user-friendly.
  • We have a delivery system that conveys the product to users and we also have a feature that enables the user able to track the delivery.
  • We have so many varieties of the same kind of products so as to ensure that whatever type a client wants would be found on the platform.


  • At the moment we do not have enough suppliers with products that can be placed in the catalogue.


  • The government has played a major role in ensuring that marketplaces thrive in the society
  • The economic situation of the region has encouraged trade and commerce.


  • The competitive landscape of the industry has been very fierce with few companies taking a major share of the market.
  • Change in the global economy is also a great risk to the commerce industry, the economy needs to be stable to be able to foster trade.

Marketing Objectives

  • To attract new customers and increased distribution of our products
  • To create and expand the company’s visibility in home and foreign markets
  • Increase the business market share and become a major player in the sale of toothpaste.
  • To infiltrate new market segments discovered in the sale of white Glo products.
  • To increase sales and distribution rate by 20% first 6 months.
  • To make our business flexible in terms of strategies adopted and products offered by utilizing current technological innovations.

Distribution Channel

Matts Global possess unique features that makes us the best wholesale and distribution company with novel and effective distribution channel, our distribution process is highlighted in the diagram above.

Products would be acquired from the manufacturers and our distribution channel is divided into local (Australia) and Foreign (other countries). We have established agents in form of suppliers and wholesalers in Australia and other countries as indicated above, highlighting the fact that we have the advantage by having agents with specialized knowledge and skills in selling and distribution of the products.


This eliminates the time lag it would take normally for other companies in understanding the market before they can penetrate and increase sales. We have an already established frameworks and effective marketing strategies that can serve each of the markets we serve. This puts us in a prime position to help our clients grow and expand by serving new markets with the best marketing and sales strategy specific to each market in multiple countries. In each of these countries, we would have an effective delivery system, made Monday through Sunday and will be strategically routed to minimize travel and fuel costs and maximizing sales. As the number of customers/accounts we serve increase, routes will be restructured to maintain maximum efficiency.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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